5 Law Firm Website Mistakes You should NEVER make


Remember. Your website is your Internet home.

And if you want to maximize its potential, you need to invest in how it looks, how it works and what it can do by paying careful attention to design, functionality, and layout.

But on the flip-side, making simple, yet crucial, mistakes can undo all of your good work.

So here is a look at the five most common mistakes law firms make when it comes to their websites and just why you need to ensure you don’t fall into the same trap.

1. Too Many Pages

There’s no value in overpopulating your website with dozens of internal pages just for the sake of providing more content.

Your website should be simple and informative, so focus on simplicity and remove anything that doesn’t add value and that is cluttering up your site – because a difficulty to navigate will only lead to a higher bounce rate.

2. No Responsive Design

It may have been acceptable five years ago to make do with a website that is barely visible on mobile devices. But not now. If you’re website is not responsive, then you’re visibility is severely limited, not to mention your mobile search results being severely hampered. What’s worse, competitors who do have mobile friendly websites will be ranking above yours simply because they kept up with the times.

So don’t miss out. Focus your efforts on achieving a responsive website that allows users to seamlessly jump from one device to another without compromising the integrity or layout of the site. It may cost more up front, but it will pay dividends in the future.

3. Lack of Lead Strategy

Your law firm’s website in essence should attract users, while also engaging them, and ultimately encourage them to contact you for more information. But incredibly, many companies forget to develop a well-run and effective lead intake strategy.

So whatever you do, don’t make this mistake. Make it easy for your visitors, who could be potential clients, to contact you by creating a simple and visible contact form somewhere prominent on the site.

4. Poor Stock Images

They say a picture paints a thousand words, but if you choose the wrong image, you may wish you had stuck to text. Photos are the one thing you shouldn’t take shortcuts with because having professional photos really speaks volumes about your business, who you are, and what you can offer.

It shows that you care about details and can instill confidence in prospective clients. Put simply, having bad photos can be the death of your law firm’s website, so if you can’t provide decent ones, don’t use any at all.

5. Failure to Convert

Many law firms make the mistake of making their website an all singing, all dancing affair, while forgetting the important bit. The common mistake being that this will make people believe that the firm is better than the competition. But often this is just smoke and mirrors because the best law firm sites are simple and to the point.

The sales technique that works for selling shoes is the same technique that works for selling your law firm’s services. So give your potential clients a road map to follow, and make sure that they know exactly where they are going if you are going to convert visitors into customers.

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