5 Things people look for in a law firm


People wouldn’t put their trust in a doctor they weren’t sure about, so why would they do the same with an attorney?

When it comes to obtaining legal advice people need to feel comfortable and at ease when they are dealing with a law firm, usually at a difficult time, and this needs to come across at their first point of call – your website.

So here are five things that a law firm’s website MUST demonstrate if it is to attract new clients while also telling the world just what it is you can offer.

1. Can people relate to you?

Do you feel like your website represents your law firm and illustrates clearly what you can offer clients in a clear and concise manner? If not you need to ask yourself why. As a law firm you will be aware how strong the competition can be, so relating to someone who may be looking at hundreds of different websites at any one time is key. This is why your content needs to be easy to relate to and your tone-of-voice sympathetic, while also being authoritative.

2. Reputation

It’s a simple fact that a law firm with a good reputation is much more effective and attractive to potential clients than a lawyer with a bad one. So if you have people saying good things about your business, use your website as an opportunity to shout it from the rooftops. Likewise, it is just as easy to ruin a good reputation, so the key is not to spread your law firm too thin. Stick to what you know, what you are good at and what you can offer and in time clients will form their own opinion of you.

3. Experience

An inexperienced law firm is easy to spot and will give your potential clients the impression that you are lacking as a whole. So you need to show you are a company that understands the problems that your client faces. A good law firm should be able to warn clients in advance about problems they may or not face, as well as making it clear exactly what clients needs to know in order to prevent potential pitfalls further down the line and this can all be highlighted on your website.

4. Honesty

When people are searching for a law firm, there are plenty of things they will have to consider before making a decision. Accessibility, cost, trust, experience, the list is endless. Of course,  any law firm will always be keen to demonstrate just what they can offer, but on the flip-side, people will also be suspicious of a company that offers them the world. Put simply, if you can’t offer a particular service or don’t have experience in a specialized area, don’t say that you do. Being honest about what you have to offer can be much more effective in the long run than being found out further down the line that you are not as competent as you claimed you were.

5. Success Stories

Don’t be afraid to use your website to let people know how good you are at your job. Testimonials from satisfied customers, links to reports of successful cases, even using social media to keep people up-to-date with recent legal developments and achievements will not only give authority to your brand it can add that personal touch in what many may see as a rather rigid industry.

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