We truly love what we do and want to work with clients who are just as enthusiastic about their business as we are about digital

Who we are

Our production team meet up in Liverpool, 2014.

Our production team meet up in Liverpool, 2014.

With over 10 years of industry experience specializing in bespoke legal websites and marketing strategies we are a one-stop-shop for law firms who want to see their practice grow and prosper. Our team is headed by James Rowan & Matt Peschong who run our teams on either side of ‘the pond’.

Our processes and way of working have been developed over a 10 year working relationship, and have resulted in a refined, flawless and effective service that we provide to clients in the UK/USA. With offices in Minnesota, Chicago, London & Liverpool we are able to fall back on a wealth of team knowledge from our designers, developers and marketeers who have been part of our growth to be a leading law firm digital agency.

With teams on both sides of the Atlantic we’re at the forefront of law firm marketing while maintaining a great understanding of legal terms and trends within the US and Europe. Our presence on more than one continent gives us a competitive advantage over other agencies, we’re active in two digital landscapes that have a lot in common but operate and function in extremely different ways. We take the best bits from both and deliver constant improvements to our clients’ digital journey, whatever the location of their market may be.

To date, we have worked with over 500 established law firms, and we only work with people that we feel that we can truly help succeed online. Contact us today and we’ll give you an honest appraisal and tailored digital strategy for your law practice.