Building the perfect law firm website, Episode #1: LaCourse & Envall


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We’re pleased to announce that the new LaCourse & Envall website is about to go live, and it’s fair to say we’re pretty pleased with the result.

The personal injury law firm based in Duluth, MN, came to us with the challenge of creating a new and exciting site that was also fully responsive that would work on a range of mobile devices.

We set to work straight away to build the ultimate website that would, not only enhance the reputation of this established company, but would also represent their brand to the highest level.

So here’s a look at our journey, from our initial ideas and sketches to a fully functional and effective new website.


Initial ideas


After initial consultation with the client we began drawing up a number of sketches and wireframes that enabled us to visualize just how the site will eventually look once on screen.

This process allows not only our designers, but also our development and coding team to see just what goes where based on the brief given by the client.


20150904_143740_001 ConImage4

After the initial design process we set about creating a fresh, easy-to-use website that would be simple to navigate while also being functional for visitors looking for a personal injury law firm.

This begins with the visual concept creation, right through to the development and coding process, all of which combine to bring about the finished article.

The Process


Take a look at our time-lapse video that shows the entire design process from start to finish in just a matter of minutes.



After the completetion of the site, we then run through everything with our client, ensuring they are happy with the site looks, the way it works and the message it sends to their customers and potential clients.

This is our opportunity to iron out any problems that may have arisen during the development process so that everything is good-to-go when the site goes live.

Ongoing Support


The site going live isn’t the end of the process. We continue to offer ongoing support for our clients, from web hosting to site maintenance, not to mention Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns.

We also give thorough training to our clients when it comes to things like using Content Management Systems (CMS) and editing various sections of the site.

The new LaCourse & Envall website will be going live soon.

If you are looking for a new and responsive website for your law firm, be sure to contact us at Law generation today by calling (312) 448-8900 and see what we can do for you.