How to create blog posts your clients will want to read

Even if you are aware of why blogging is so crucial to the success of your law firm, it can be difficult to try and produce content when you’re already busy. But coming up with ideas for blogs filled with useful, intriguing content could actually be easier than you’d think. So here are a few… Read more »

Four questions you MUST ask about your law firm content

Good quality content will attract more business and can even encourage existing clients to spend more money on your services. Content has never been more important when it comes to the online presence of a law firm, and at the heart of any good marketing plan there should be in-depth, authoritative and valuable content. Put… Read more »

How to create the ideal landing page

A landing page is a vital tool when it comes to lead generation, clickthroughs, signups and generally attracting more people to your business. So if your website is the shop, think of a landing page as the ‘specials board’ that is displayed out front, telling everyone just what it is you can offer them. And creating… Read more »

5 Things people look for in a law firm

People wouldn’t put their trust in a doctor they weren’t sure about, so why would they do the same with an attorney? When it comes to obtaining legal advice people need to feel comfortable and at ease when they are dealing with a law firm, usually at a difficult time, and this needs to come… Read more »