How to create the ideal landing page


A landing page is a vital tool when it comes to lead generation, clickthroughs, signups and generally attracting more people to your business.

So if your website is the shop, think of a landing page as the ‘specials board’ that is displayed out front, telling everyone just what it is you can offer them.

And creating these landing pages can be the most effective way to reach new and existing customers, with Hubspot claiming that companies with 30 or more landing pages generate seven times more leads than those with seven or fewer.

So here are a few key things you need to consider when creating a landing page for your law firm.

Know What You Want to Achieve

Knowing just what you want to achieve from your landing page will give you more direction for your campaign. Maybe you want people to download your ebook? Or maybe you want them to sign up for a newsletter? Make sure you know just what it is that you are creating a landing page for, because giving mixed messages or multiple offers can lead to lost customers.

Meet Your Customers’ Needs

Remember. A landing page shouldn’t be about you and your law firm, it’s more about your customers’ needs. So make sure you identify the needs of your potential visitors early and then set out how you intend to solve their problems throughout the rest of the page.

Target Your Copy

Don’t waste a single sentence of copy on your landing page. Every word should be thought-through carefully in order to maximise conversion rates. So use this opportunity to talk to visitors about what it is you are offering. But also, keep a little back for them to discover when they fill out a form, download a document or click on a CTA button.

Add a Lead Capture Form

A landing page is almost irrelevant without a lead capture form. But you need to make sure it’s relatively short so that you don’t lose the interest of a genuinely interested customer. Also, you should tailor the fields according to what it is you want to achieve. Put simply, if you want someone to sign up for a free ebook, you don’t really need to ask for their address and phone number.

Promote USPs in the Headline

In order to get the most from your landing page, you need to mention your USPs at the earliest possible opportunity – preferably the headline. This is the best way of getting more engagement from your campaign. So whatever it is you are promoting, make sure you mention it in the headline.

Create a Call to Action Button

This is probably the most important part of a landing page and really is the business end of what you want to achieve. A button should be the most noticeable part of the page and all your content, as well as the design, should entice visitors to sign up to your product.

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