What colors say about your website


Color is all around us. It can affect our thoughts, our emotions and is even used to describe the way we are feeling; “seeing red”, “feeling blue”, “green with envy.”

But what does this “psychology of color” have to do with you, your business and even your website?

Well, as it happens, quite a lot actually.

That’s why it’s vital that you carefully consider the colors of your website and what they say about your brand identify – not only for the psychological connotations but also the associations that are evoked.

So if you’ve ever wondered why Facebook and Twitter favour blue, while McDonald’s and Kellogg’s prefer red, then read on.


This is seen as exciting, dominant and powerful color, and it can also bring about a positive and visceral response from visitors. Scientific studies claim that the clor red also causes your heart beat faster and people to breath more irregularly. This is why many go for red when they want to create a pro-active and attention grabbing website. But too many red can also be seen as a warning and the last thing you want is people keeping clear of your website.


Arguably the most common color used on websites and for logos, blue gives an air of responsibility and security, something that is very important for any business in the legal profession. Blue also gives a website a feeling of being trustworthy and dependable, which is why it is often used by health organisations, financial institutions and travel companies.


For years the colour that opitimizes elegance and has even been adopted by royalty in many countries, purple can add a feel of sophistication to any website, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a law firm.


Like blue, green is incredibly popular with many firms due to the fact that is seen by many as giving a feel of calm and freshness. Green also offers a feel of serenity and well-being, particular due to its association with health and fitness. While lighter greens provide a feeling of calmness, darker shades can often generate a feeling of affluence and wealth. Not a bad thing when being used in areas such as law and finance.


Many feel that yellow can communicate hope and optimism, while also stimulating creativity and energy. The general feeling is that we warm to yellow in the same way that we worship the sun, but whatever the reason, using this color can certainly create a feeling of warmth and positivity and is a useful tool when it comes to catching the eye and potentially attracting more customers.


As we all know, orange is created by mixing yellow and red, and using this particular shade on a website combines the optimism and creativity brought by yellow with the aggression and positivity of red. That’s why many companies opt for orange as it provides them with the best of both worlds. Opt for a colour that is too harsh though can be off putting and alarming to visitors, so finding the perfect blend is vital.


This is a colour that has been known to divide opinion when it comes to websites as some see brown as a color that reflects earthy simplicity. However, some see brown as a negative and associate it with things like dirt or mud. This means, if you are to use brown on your law firm website, you may need to do so sparingly, because done in the right way, brown can add a feel of authority and trust.


Black offers a little class and sophistication to a website, which for a law firm can be vital. Though no site should over use dark colours, due to the fact that text can be hard to read on a black background, there is little doubt that black gives a feel of value and prestige while also being easy on the eye.


To many a color of purity and cleanliness, white is extremely popular choice for a number of websites, particularly in the healthcare sector. But this doesn’t mean that other businesses shy away from it. White is thought to bring a pure and soft feel to a site and build trust among visitors, a vital ingredient for a law firm that wants to attract visitors and engage with potential clients.

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